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Weihua three products by the major technical equipment in Henan Province, the first set of products that

Corporate News
2017/04/22 10:39
Recently, Weihua Group "YZ320 / 80t-24m casting cranes" "boat handling crane" "WTZ5240TZW high-altitude tiles" three new products through the first batch of major technical equipment in Henan Province in 2017 found that the Group Major technical equipment, the first set of provincial-level breakthrough.
"YZ320 / 80t-24m casting crane" is by far the largest tonnage metallurgical crane in Henan Province, the machine uses four-beam six-track structure, the main and auxiliary hook can work together for dumping molten metal. The main hoisting mechanism uses "one word" planetary reducer, dual drive structure, high security, good synchronization, a motor failure, the other can still complete a work cycle. Steel wire rope with high temperature of the metal wire rope, high strength, good safety; hoisting mechanism set up multi-channel limit device, and set the speed protection function to ensure the safety of lifting.
"Boat handling crane" with hinge structure, can automatically adjust and adapt to uneven road conditions; lifting mechanism with double reel, to avoid multi-mechanism linkage is not synchronized, the use of built-in planetary reducer, the lifting mechanism More compact; the use of Ackerman steering, can achieve a variety of steering mode (horizontal, vertical, oblique line, in situ rotation, shaking his head tail, etc.) handling work; machine assembly power than the same level of full hydraulic drive yacht ship 25 %,Energy saving and environmental protection.
"WTZ5240TZW high-altitude tiles" for China's first car-mounted 16-meter lift tiles products, equipped with general or modified special car chassis, to achieve off-site transport and site transport, convenient and flexible, safe and reliable operation, high efficiency; The lifting mechanism through the luffing mechanism, telescopic mechanism, the five-bar balance mechanism of the common role to achieve the two-arm boom, to achieve the plant shed tile required lifting height, can be achieved from the ground for the color plate, Color steel tile role, energy efficient, reduce construction costs, the agency Wei Wei original, has applied for invention patents and accepted, so that the product has a high-altitude multi-angle pressure tile function.
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