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Market Analysis: 2017 China's construction machinery industry to pick up what factors?

Media perspective
2017/05/04 14:18
2017 years just opened, a good news came, whether it is excavators, loaders and other types of construction machinery sales rose in January, or the national large quantities of infrastructure investment planning struck, are the construction machinery industry in winter Tim a vigorous fire, and with the large number of large enterprises orders struck, the trend of China's construction machinery industry is already unstoppable.
According to the news, since the beginning of this year, Sany Group sales orders followed, the market demand situation is gratifying. Pavement machinery, graders in January orders soared, up 1 times over the same period last year; Hong Kong machine orders have been discharged to the second half. Xugong, Liugong, Hill pushed and many other construction machinery enterprises bulk orders are also coming, but also verify the reality of the industry to pick up.
China's construction machinery industry development, can not do without the support of national policy, but also inseparable from the stimulation of economic policy. In the 2016 years, China's construction machinery industry-related policies and measures, "one side" and "supply side reform", "iron base" and "real estate", "thirteen five plan", "new rural construction", " Urbanization "and" Made in China 2025 "are frequently mentioned, these benefits industry policies for the development of construction machinery industry has brought strong support. But in the industry to pick up at the same time, we should also rationally look at the market changes, fully understand the warming factors in order to prepare for the future market control. The following editor according to the parties to analyze the remarks, the Chinese construction machinery industry in 2017 to pick up the factors were sorted out.
Winter and pick up are causal
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