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How does the manufacturing industry lead the future with wisdom?

Media perspective
2017/05/04 14:18
It is obvious that in today's social environment, eight major technologies such as information technology, mobile technology, Web technology, embedded system, Internet of things, cloud data, large data and artificial intelligence will provide important support for the transformation of manufacturing wisdom. "Made in China + Internet" should seize the intelligent technology innovation, transformation, promotion and application of this core, by + industry enterprises should become the main action, take the initiative to embrace the Internet, self-change, to meet the challenges.
Recently, the "China's manufacturing industry wisdom transformation of the road" as the theme of the second China-made 2025 (Shenzhen) Summit Forum held in Shenzhen, the forum invited representatives of domestic and foreign manufacturing on the world's manufacturing innovation and development of new trends, "China Manufacturing 2025 "since the implementation of the progress, under the great changes in the era of manufacturing wisdom to lead the future and other issues to explore in depth.
What is the transformation of the manufacturing sector?
"To promote the integration of information technology and industrialization, which, industrialization plays a leading and supporting role, information technology play a leading role in driving." CPPCC Standing Committee, deputy director of the Economic Commission, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Minister Li Yizhong Delivered a keynote speech pointed out that we should give full play to the impact of information technology on the economic development of the leading role, with information technology to boost the intelligent manufacturing, with the Internet to optimize the allocation of various natural resources, social resources.
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