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High-end equipment manufacturing will usher in a five-year strategic opportunity

Media perspective
2017/05/04 14:19
In the new round of industrial tide, in order to seek greater development, to promote the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing and localization is imperative. As a new engine of high-end industrial equipment manufacturing, will become the top priority of this process, the policy is expected to long-term positive. After years of development, high-end equipment manufacturing industry has made unprecedented development, and initially formed the industry pattern.
Not only the policy long-term positive, high-end equipment market demand potential is also huge. According to the prospective industry research institute released the "high-end equipment manufacturing industry development prospect and investment strategic planning analysis report" is expected by 2020, high-end equipment manufacturing industry sales revenue will reach 16.55 trillion yuan in the equipment manufacturing industry will increase the proportion To 25%. It is expected that during the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, the high-end equipment manufacturing industry will usher in another five-year strategic opportunity period, and aviation equipment, high-grade CNC machine tools, robots, modern agricultural machinery, marine engineering equipment and high-tech ships are expected to take the lead. Although the future development prospects are broad, but compared with the international advanced level, there are still many gaps, such as weak innovation, lack of core technology, industrial system is not perfect, service system construction lag. In this regard, the future from three aspects to speed up the development of high-end equipment manufacturing industry.
First, strengthen independent innovation, improve industrial competitiveness. On the other hand, enterprises should cooperate with government departments and scientific research institutions to carry out research and development, promote the application of R & D results, and promote the construction of industrial common technology platform. On the other hand, the government should carry out research and development with government departments and scientific research institutions to promote the development of R & , To improve the competitiveness of the industry.
Second, actively expand domestic and foreign markets. All levels of government to support the development of domestic equipment manufacturing enterprises, and create a favorable domestic market demand environment. At the same time, support the guidance of domestic outstanding enterprises to go out, to promote "along the way" along the country and regional cooperation projects.
Finally, optimize the industrial structure adjustment and industrial layout. Optimize the product structure to encourage the use of high-tech transformation and upgrading of industries, optimize the organizational structure will have to promote corporate mergers and acquisitions and resource integration, standardize market competition, optimize the layout of space to create a number of demonstration bases to build internationally renowned industrial clusters.
In the "thirteen five" period, China's high-end equipment manufacturing industry will enter the policy dividend period, the development momentum is good, the prospects can be expected. However, to correctly understand the gap with the international advanced level, and more measures to promote high-end equipment to accelerate the development.
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