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The Future of Internet + Construction Machinery

2017/05/04 14:20
'Internet +' like a thunder out, opened the Internet and the traditional industry in-depth integration, innovation and development of the gate. Especially for the traditional construction machinery enterprises, in the industry downturn in the market environment, embrace the 'Internet', the development of e-commerce is undoubtedly to help enterprises break the new normal an important choice.
What is the essence of the Internet?
Internet + form: the Internet-based set of information technology (including the Internet, mobile Internet, cloud computing, large data, etc.), in the economy, society, life and other aspects of the proliferation and application process.
The essence of Internet + is the traditional business online, data, service, from the customer's point of view to think.
In the Internet + let information return to the 'information as the core' essence. The Internet is by far the least expensive infrastructure for people to see information processing. It is natural, open, equal, transparent and so on, making the information, data in the industrial socialism has been suppressed by the great potential of the outbreak, into a huge productivity, become a new source of social development.
The traditional way is mostly from the supply and demand, to promote production, its main feature is from the inside out, the first enterprise, after the customer, while the Internet is by the need for the supply, reverse pull; its main feature is from outside to inside Non-first enterprise, after the customer. So, the Internet + traditional industry 'is not simply add the two, need to use new technology and the Internet platform to achieve the Internet and the traditional industry in-depth integration, and thus revitalize the industry vitality. Companies need to focus not only on technology, but also on how the business model of 'Internet +' is profitable, how to build a unique customer experience through innovative combinations of information, enterprise resources and technology, and to achieve innovative results.
'Internet + engineering machinery' innovative products and services model, or do what others have not done things; or to do other people do things for someone else can not think of the way to dry - Xugong information general manager Zhang Qiliang said.
Internet + engineering machinery 'development direction
1. Internet + virtual scene
Solve the online experience, strengthen customer perception, provide equipment operation skills training, virtual and practical interconnection to solve the problem of unmanned operations, reduce labor intensity.
2. Internet + product intelligence
Product failure automatic recovery capacity, once the equipment failure, the device itself or the Association has a fault to determine and restore the ability to extend the equipment health time.
To solve the construction site of the fine, collaborative operation problems, to achieve high efficiency and high quality construction standards, and energy saving, security benefits to maximize.
3. Internet + customization capabilities to build
With the promotion and application of Internet +, industrial standardization and process design and manufacturing capabilities, will move towards personalized products in the direction of customization.
4. Internet + market space after the expansion
Based on a large number of equipment ownership, will support the equipment after-sales construction, maintenance, maintenance and other aspects of intelligent services, after the expansion of market profits
5. Internet + build customer-centric
To manufacturers, suppliers, agents involved in the new business model, to break the engineering machinery enterprise internal resources and the division of labor model, the formation of customer integration with the large market structure support capacity.
6. Internet + build second-hand equipment trading platform
Revitalize second-hand equipment transactions, improve the equipment and then create value-added market.
Internet + on the exploration and try
'The 21st century, either e-commerce, or no business can be', 'all future enterprises will become the Internet business', in these prophecies fueled, e-commerce has become a lot of business transformation and upgrading of the 'standard configuration'. As of June 2015, China's online shopping users reached 374 million scale, the survey shows that about 92% of consumers have had online shopping experience, online shopping this consumption model has become popular. The first 7 months of this year, the national online retail sales of 1936.3 billion yuan, an increase of 37.7%. Among them, the physical merchandise online retail sales of 1614.1 billion yuan, an increase of 37.0%, accounting for the proportion of total retail sales of social consumer goods 9.7%, e-commerce is gradually becoming the driving force of the 'main force'.
In accordance with the traditional channels of construction machinery marketing, service model: manufacturers - dealers, offices, agents - marketing, service personnel - customers.
Fifth Plenary Session "Internet + Construction Machinery" can fly up?
The middle of the circulation too much, and the management of the flow of failure, reducing the profits of the factory, can not timely access to customer demands, easily lead to customer satisfaction decline; not fully pay attention to the operation of large data products, customer data, , Non-standard, do not have the ability to save traces of data.
To e-commerce platform as the starting point to the whole machine factory as the center, the suppliers, agents, until customers, all together, the platform and the internal system for data to get through, the whole plant directly to customers to provide quality services, Unified, shared, digital e - commerce ecosystem.
Data on the cloud
Data management platform to make the integration of data islands into reality so that the potential of large data to play. Build a unified virtualization, cloud computing platform, the physical server, storage devices, network equipment, such as abstract into a variety of resources and pool, the pool of resources for unified management.
Through the private cloud platform, integrated enterprise server environment, the deployment of virtualization infrastructure, to achieve the internal resource pool of various types of resources for registration, distribution, deployment, change, recovery, monitoring, statistics, delete and other management functions, through a variety of complementary The service provides a solution for infrastructure as a service (IaaS).
The enterprise core business information system is deployed to the cloud platform, improve the system operation efficiency, enhance the enterprise management ability, at the same time the information system data mining value.
'Internet + engineering machinery' already to 'Dwyane' attitude into people's vision, the future, who has the on-demand, with the ability to the ability, who will eventually seize the market.
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